Friday, June 24, 2011

A Walk in Greenwood

A Front Door Adventure is just like it sounds; an adventure that leaves from your front door. The rules are simple, don't take a car and see what you can get done using human power and mass transit. Although most of my Front Door Adventures employ the use of a bicycle, going by foot truly embodies the spirt of the FDA in every sense of the word. Not only is walking beneficial to our health, or pocketbooks and the environment; it offers an opportunity for freedom, fun and spontaneity that the car just cannot present.
Walk Score is a website that rates the walkability of your home based on proximity to amenities such as groceries, entertainment, medical facilities, parks and public transportation. While our 500 square foot home might seen unreasonable small, with a Walk Score of 92 out of 100 it sits in one of the most walkable communities in the United States. I won't pretend that there are not some real disadvantages to living in the city, but a huge plus is that it allows us to live a life that is not dependent upon an automobile.

Livin' the Dream


My sister dropped Carter off with only one request, "Don't let him get sunburned." We both stripped to the waist and greased up for the day.

Carter was more interested in working on the Trek Mt. Train than he was riding it. Half-way around the block, Carter politely let me know that he was done with the bike ride. An early negative experience with a new challenge can jade a young mind easily and a child should never be pushed too far beyond their comfort zone. Carter and I will go on a ride when he is ready and I look forward to that day. An opportunity for an adventure by foot was born, the bike was parked and the proclamation made, "We walk from here!"

Two blocks from the house Carter decided that we should sit down and have a feast. We split a granola bar and drank water from the Nalgene. Carter spun around in circles.

Although it makes me almost sick to watch, spinning in circles is critical to proper vestibular stimulation and brain development in children. This type of activity allows the brain to integrate sensory information from the environment in the development of proprioception.

Top Ten Toys in Greenwood is the coolest store in the world for kids of all ages.

Knights, dragons and wild imaginations!

Just like his Dad, his Grandpa and his Uncle Matt, Carter likes going to the Bar! Carter's first (root)beer at The Naked City.

Great day with a great guy! Thanks Cartman!

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