Monday, September 7, 2015

And Then There Were Three

It is my opinion that the richest of adventures often wonder far from their intended path.  They abound with unforeseen departures, trials and triumphs that stretch the physical, mental and spiritual fortitude of the travelers.

Seldom do best expeditions arrive exactly at their betrothed destination.

If someone would have told me a couple years ago that tonight I would lay content, gazing at my infant daughter blissfully dozing on the steady rise and fall of my chest, I would have likely laughed in their face.  What I thought was my path of freedom, happiness and Adventure certainly didn't include the responsibility of parenthood.

Spending much time in the presence of family and the love and faith I have in my wife catalyzed a change in my heart, and seven days after the birth of my beautiful daughter I simply cannot imagine a life without her.  The pace may slow down a little here at the Front Door for a while, but I am confident that the uncertainly and joy that Ruby Ruth has brought to my life will guarantee the adventure continues to be grand one.

Kloshe Konaway
Kloshe Nanitch

BFF:  My stunning wife J.Hurst-Alford (photo:  Brock Mason Photography)

Love Birds (photo:  Brock Mason Photography)

Tummy time with Daddy! 

 Ruby fired up about her first bath.

 My heart has been stolen.