Sunday, July 1, 2012


Intuition becomes increasingly valuable in the new information society precisely because there is so much data.
-John Naisbitt

Statisticians are brilliant folks; they have the magical ability to take a pile of data and make it say whatever they really want to it to say. I respect their practice; data drives many aspects of our modern lives and we rely on it heavily as a civilized nation.  Despite the fact that I often call on my good buddy data when trying to bullshit my way through an argument with my wife, I recognize his shortcomings and have learned to be leery.   For example, there are fairly credible piles of data that assert wearing bicycle helmets actually makes cycling a more dangerous pursuit.

While the numbers may not lie, data simply can never stop your skull from exploding when it hits the ground at 20 mph.

I can't say for sure that a helmet saved my friend Marin's brain from some serious damage, but a smashed helmet and a "Thanks for being there" message on my voicemail this morning is strong enough data for me.

Thats how I roll,


Bufo boreas, also know as the Western Toad.  I don't think a helmet would have helped this fellow.  

Mustela frenata , the Long Tail Weasel is a fierce predator and known to attack prey that is over twice his size.  It seems that the fight with the tires attached to the moving vehicle was a little more than this guy bargained for.