Saturday, July 9, 2011


On July 4th 1776 the Second Continental Congress of the 13 Colonies signed the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain and the United States of America was born. Men such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were the first patriots of our Nation and guided a young country through the turmoil of a revolution that emerged as the greatest experiment in Democracy this world has ever known.

Sadly, today it seems that the definition of a patriot has been diluted to hanging a Support the Troops sticker in the back window of an SUV and celebrating the death of America's most hated enemies by dancing in the street. Never mind the direct connection between the gas pedal and our ever expanding theater of world conflict. I too am glad Bin Laden is ridden from this earth, but I won't rejoice as if no more American men and women will die before the world struggles to remember what al-Qaeda was.

I don't know whether my political and social values would align with those of any of the men who built the United States, but I do know that the country we inherited from them is ours to do with as we wish. I like to think that I am a pretty patriotic guy, I just happen think that living a little smaller is a quicker way to get our troops home and the best way to preserve the future of our Great Nation.  We could of course keep fighting never ending wars for what remains of the world's dwindling resources.

Last week I rode my bike to the local hardware store and bought a 48' American Flag. I hung Old Glory on the fence near the front door before the 2nd of July BBQ Jen and I threw at the house; It got different reactions from different folks.

A southern drawn "Goddamn right I'm American", in some form or another came out of more than one mouth besides my own.
In every joke lies a seed of truth.

We all like think that our world view is the correct one, but not all of us sit down and write about it. I tell things like I see them and hope a few people out there might see things the same.   I noticed one of my neighbors put an American Flag up on their house the day after I flew mine. Who knows...maybe they see things like I do?  

Livin' the Dream,


Support your local hardware store. Since 1948, Greenwood Hardware has been operating in Greenwood, WA.

Shopping Basket.

I took a 4th of July ride up to Snohomish to hang out with my Dad. The Interurban is truly an awesome trail system and a great example of cities and counties working together to create bike infrastructure and transportation solutions. Not perfect yet, and a little difficult to follow in a couple places, but 35 miles of nearly uninterrupted urban trail riding from Seattle to Everett is pretty rad!

None too soon for this resident of 74th Ave West. Mike gave me a little background information on this particular portion of the trail and pointed me in the right direction.

I met Kevin in Lynnwood and road with him for 35 miles. I convinced him to backtrack to Snohomish with me so he could ride the Centennial Trail north to Arlington. 

My Dad Jim is a craftsman in every sense of the word. He hand built this replica of a 1780-1790 Southern Appalachian Flintlock Rifle and gifted it to me. How else to spend the 4th of July than shooting the weapon that won The Revolutionary War.

Hand-made steel plating.

50 yards is a pretty long ways for a black powder rifle.


..wad, ball...




Nothing says "Happy Birthday America" like a red, white and blue Budweiser. You won't catch me turning down a cold buddy on hot summer day! No beer snob am I!

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