Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Greatest Adventure

The truth is that I really don't care that much for Valentine's Day; in fact, I think it kind of sucks.

I work in an Elementary School and many of my colleagues have this charming habit throwing their class party and jacking 7-year-olds up on sugar just prior to sending them to PE for me to deal with; hilarious.  Todays' migraine was only rivaled by the one produced on Halloween, my other favorite holiday.
Besides my disdain for trying to manage screaming groups of children cracked-out on corn syrup, the blatant commercialism and exorbitant waste associated with Snt. Hallmark's Day exacerbates my repugnance.  I guess it seems to me that if you need a special day to tell somebody you love them, you probably really don't all that much.

Armed with all my ill feelings towards the celebration of the great Saint, I hopped on my bike this evening and spun the ten miles home through the perpetual winter fog of Seattle trying to think of something special to do for Jen this year.  It's true I tend to be a bit of grouch about some holidays, but I am not such a dick that my wife doesn't get some recognition on Valentine's Day.

Through the Front Door, I dumped my helmet and swung the fridge open in search of a can of liquid tylenol and I was greeted by the best Valentine a guy could ever ask for.  Jen makes it pretty darn hard to be holiday-hating curmudgeon for long.

 Red Velvet Beet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.  Snowman has been missing for months, but comes out of the woodwork for homemade cake.

With a cold beer and fork I went to work on my cake, reflecting a little about the woman to which I have devoted my love and life.  My marriage with Jen has certainly been the most magnificent, bold and interesting adventure that I have ever embarked on.  Like any great adventure, there have been obstacles we never could have never foreseen and days when the wind has blown so hard against us we felt we were losing ground.  But in those harder times we have always kept spinning forward and been rewarded by arriving someplace grander than where we began, and a little stronger for the effort.

I couldn't be more happy, proud and thankful to call Jenny my wife and my Valentine.




  1. Way to be Matt! Now I'm gonna cry at work. That'll teach me to check the Front Door Adventures while on the clock.

  2. awww shucks matt. you are a great husband, as you should be, to such a great wife.