Monday, May 6, 2013

On the Map

Time runs a little short here a the Front Door and thus I will keep my rhetoric brief.

Fifty-five days seems like a long time, but when you try packing up your life for a year with the intention of walking back into it being reasonably intact, the schedule starts to feel pretty tight.  I am inspired by people who are able sell it all, saddle their respective ride and hit the road with no intention other than to learn a little about the world and have some fun, but I am not that man. My Dad raised a planner and my mother born a worrier; I need a good map and a home base to enjoy myself to the fullest on a journey.

It is strange to be a bit homesick two months before Jen and I hit the road, but I would be lying to myself did I not acknowledge the feeling.  My wife and I have turned a rat infested shit box that smart people told me to bulldoze into our beautiful home with love, trust and the strength of those that feel the same for us.  I have a career that I have learned to love because every day I laugh and am taught something new by a child a quarter of my age.
I live in the greatest place that I know on earth.

But of all of these attachments that I struggle to leave behind, it is my people that will cause my heart to  ache the most.

I am comforted however to know that no matter how far I may roam on this planet, that my neighbor, my friend, and my Buddy Aaron Erbeck will always be on the map.

Kla Ha Ya
Kloshe Konaway


Friday post work rendezvous, Olympic Sculpture Park.  

Super secret Hood Canal bivy.  Gracias la familia de Roberta!

 Potlach State Park. Located on land the Skokomish Tribe knew as Enetai, the park is named in honor of Potlatch, the gift giving ceremony.  A good hydration station and a worthy FDA objective in it's own right.  

Erbeck wawa, Wake kopet

Aaron Erbeck, Jefferson County line sprint champ. 

Safety meeting.

On the MAP.

FDA's aren't  all shits and giggles.  Big Dummy's weren't really designed for pushing uphill.

I developed an overwhelming case of kickstand envy on this trip.

Summit ridge payoff,  Mount Jupiter at the sunset.  

 Where did you drink your Sunday morning coffee?

Boat ride home.  Living the Dream and back on the MAP.


  1. Yea, Hood Canal!!!! Looks like a great trip.

    1. Thanks to you for the hospitality! The Canal Bivy was key to pulling this one off in a weekend! Good spot ya'all got there!


  2. Yup, Great spot for Sunday morning coffee!!
    That's a good day!!

    1. Yes Sir Jim,
      A good start to a great day!

      Kla Ha Ya