Sunday, July 7, 2013

Independence Day

I keep having the thought we are almost home, but then I realize that we don't really have a home anymore.

Jenny said to me as we approached the familiar streets of Greenwood.  I nodded in agreement hardly realizing that we weren't on the way to the Front Door myself.   
We spent the last week packing up the house and shuttling loads to Mom and Dad's in Snohomish and made the difficult farewell to our parents.  Spinning south along the familiar Interurban Trail I was tempted to roll through the neighborhood just one last time; maybe water the raspberries or shoot the shit with Erbeck for a couple more minutes.  
I turned sharply a block short of our beloved street and headed west resisting the temptation.  To move forward, we sometimes must be willing to let go of the things we hold dear, even if it is only for a while.  

For the past nine years Jen and I have worked hard building a home in Seattle and filled our lives with the love of friends, family and neighbors so dear to us that these labels hold little meaning any longer; saying goodbye has not been easy.   

For the next year, home will be where Jen and I make it.  We head south with a sense of curiosity and a heart full of optimism; home is where we make it from here on out.

Kloshe Konaway
Kloshe Nanitch


Big Jim, Jen, Little Chris and myself.  We are eternally thankful to my parents for their help in making this adventure possible.

Backyard weddings are the best kind.  Congratulations Will and Bijou!

Will Fernandez comes to terms with the choices he has made in his life.  Fathers in Law come with the marriage package.

Aaron Erbeck would be proud.  Wear Sunscreen.  

Kate Purcell is definitely one of the best things Seattle currently has going on!  We love you Kate and miss you already!

The Emerald City in the review mirror.

Nothing says 4th of July like corn on the cob.  

Super secret Vashon Island waterfron bivy.

Happy wife, happy life.

Genuine adventure rig.  

Named after the Klallam Chief who was friendly towards settlers and a peacemaker among natives, the Chetzemoka carries travelers between South Vashon and Point Defiance in Tacoma.   

That wife of mine sure knows how to make a road sandwich!

Model lips and beer at a couple minutes after noon.  

Not in SE Asia yet, just Fort Lewis.

Dancing Goats...and a couple statues. 

 Geocache jackpot.  

The Fabulous Fabritius Family of Olympia!  We love you and miss you already!


  1. Already looking like so much fun! Your neighbors in Greenwood miss you guys! Enjoy the grand adventure.... ali&satch

  2. Already looking like so much fun! Your neighbors in Greenwood miss you guys! All the best... enjoy the grand adventure! Ali&satch

  3. Ali&Satch-

    Thanks for checking in on us. The Grand Adventure has most definitely begun and we are having a blast. I eagerly anticipate news of the growing Ashmead Family.

    All the Best!