Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Happy Anniversary

Six years ago I stood on a Lopez Island beach in flip-flops and shorts among family and close friends and promised a girl that I would do my best to be a good partner in life to her.   We have had a grand adventure together thus far, and there have been many more ups than there have been downs in the time that we have shared.   I love and respect this woman more today than I did on the one we exchanged vows.

More than one of my good friends have commented to me about my good fortune to have found a partner willing to leave the security and comfort of home, saddle up on a bicycle for a year and go exploring the world a bit with a character such as me.  I couldn't agree more, and each day when I wake up and look over at my beautiful sleeping wife, the words of my Father echo in my head;

It's better to be lucky than good.

I am certainly a lucky guy.

Kloshe Konaway
Kloshe Nanitch


Lines of tourist hundreds deep waited to take rides on the famed Trolley Cars of San Francisco.  By the looks of it, more could use a little walking on the steep hills of the the Fog City.   

Ubran camouflage.

 As much as cycling is good for the heart and makes for some robust legs, I have noticed that my upstairs going a bit soft, which I am 100% sure has nothing to do with my daily ration of at least two beers.  In any case, I couldn't resist the opportunity for some muscle-ups in San Francisco.  

Bikes, Coffee and Beer.  All of my favorite things.  

Satsquatch Bike.

 The best thing going on in San Francisco is Aunt Sue!  Jen & I spent four wonderful days being wined and dined, not to mention sleeping in a comfy bed. 

Escaping the gray of the Bay, Jenny and I hopped a commuter ferry to Vallejo CA and were pleasantly surprised to a find good, albeit disgustingly littered, network of bike baths and shared use lanes through Fairfield, Vacaville, Dixon, Davis and east to Sacramento.

Jenny has a radar for scavengable produce like no other.  We will be cruising along in a strong tailwind at 15-20 mph hour and Jenny will scream pear tree!!! at the top of her lungs and lock up the breaks.  Notice the pocket of her Jr. Ranger vest is packed to capacity. 

Bike model extraordinaire.   

I came by my love of beer honestly enough and nothing tastes quite as good at the end of a hot day as a cold beers.  Jen and stopped in The Davis Beer Shoppe for a taste and left with accommodations for the evening.  

John noticed us roll into town and struck up a conversation with us about where we were coming from and going to.  After we discovered that we had road 35 miles past our Warm Showers host for the evening John and Kathryn generously offered us a room for the night at their lovely Davis home.  Bike travel wins again!

 Our search for heavier bikes has come to end.

Sacramento River and Old Town Sacramento 

The bounty of the Sacramento Valley.  Jenny is a total fig head. 

 The Jebediah Smith Memorial/RecriationalAmerican River Trail is a paved path that runs from Old Town Sacramento to Folsom Lake.  This corridor is home to a variety of wildlife and is used by over 5 million commuters and recreational cyclist each year.  

Folsom Dam, Folsom CA.

Please dismount your steed prior to passing through the tunnel.

 Service at the Granite Bay Bed & Breakfast is first-cabin!

 The Hurst Family and a creepy looking guy with a mustache.  

Insulin bomb breakfast at Katrina's Cafe in Auburn, CA.

Last photo of the Stache.  Jenny is overcome with grief when I announce my shaving plans and must drown her sorrows in a stiff G&T.