Sunday, June 1, 2014


135 pounds of meat and rain gear; Alaska here I come.

I feel like Tyler Durden…..Phenom Penh, Saigon, Tokyo, San Francisco, Seattle in the past 7 days.  Blurry eyed, cotton mouthed.  I wake up to the sound of screaming rubber as the plane skids down the runway in Anchorage.

Snow topped mountains and a seven dollar two-day-old airport sandwich (TSA ganked my peanut butter and honey in the name of a safer world; WTF?).  I hop a plane to Dillingham in a couple of hours where I will swap my flip-flops for rubber boots and take to the waters of Bristol Bay to pop my drift netting cherry aboard the F/V Potential.  

My neighbor and my captain, Elijah Lawson has spent the last 32 years fishing in Alaska.   In addition to being a hell of a fisherman, he is also quite a talented film maker.  In 2013 Elijah received a grant from the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association to create three films which expound the unique culture surrounding the Bristol Bay fishery.  I highly encourage you to hit the link and spend a few minutes learning about where your beautiful clean Sockeye Salmon comes from, and why it is so important to to protect this amazing and bountiful natural resource.

Password:  bristolbay1

I am honored to part of the crew excited to be on another adventure!

Kloshe konaway
Kloshe nanitch


  From planting seeds of exploration and adventure in my young brain, to storing our worldly possessions in their home, to depositing rent checks and dragging us back and forth to the airport,  Jen and I couldn't have pulled this amazing year off without the help of my wonderful parents.  More than anything, I am thankful to have been blessed with such solid custodians in life,  my world would not be what it is without them both.  Thank you Mom and Dad!

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  1. Their good stewardship of your early life certainly shows, Matt.