Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting it started right with a S240

Jeff thought my idea sucked. Cliff gave it a thumbs up.

I mean, why wouldn't you trust this guy?

Bikes on the Ferry. Beats swimming.

Room with a view. Thank you Dana!

Dudes tearing it up at the Alaskan Way "Skate Park"

Build your burger
Food induced coma

My school breaks are not quite what they used to be, you know driving or flying thousands of miles to get some warm desert rock climbing in. But hey, I'm all grown up now with a wife, jobs(yes, more than one) and a house (in the process of becoming one). Anyhow, I 'convinced' Jeff that he really needed to accompany me on my first S240 (sub-24 hour overnighter).
Mark Twight coined the term disaster style to describe ultra light alpine ascents that leave little to no room for error under a small weather window. I like the term so I will rip it off, but we go neither light or fast. If the weather sucks, I'm going to the bar. I like to leave extra time for getting lost. I kind of just go for a ride. I like my disaster style a little more.

Anyhow, a great adventure we had riding from Ballard to Vashon via the Fauntleroy Ferry. Deluxe accomadations were arranged at a kind strangers home. Jeff and I watched the sun go down over a dinner of meat and apples. Living the dream.
Back on the bikes in the morning and into town for coffee. A strange encounter with a local and back to to the city for a burger at the Lunchbox Labratory, quite possibly the best burger in Seattle. Thanks Jeff for a great Front Door Adventure.



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