Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Home

A house is made of wood, plastic, and stone.

A home is made sorrow and joy, struggle and triumph, frustration and ease, doubt and confidence, hurry and patience, fear and courage.

Jenny and I are building a home together.

First round of cabinets from Jeff at Fish Creek Custom Wordworking.

Huge milestone

Bedroom Storage

Jenny playing house. She is cooking me a dead pig. Mmmm Bacon!

Fast wife

Bikes and trains. A good combo.

I think she's still got the touch.

Snowman, along for the ride.

Discovery Garden, aka the Garden of Eden. Part of the WSU Extension program in Mt. Vernon.

You can take a girl out of Santa Cruz....but you just can't take the Santa Cruz out of a girl!

Jenny likes the sun...

and apparently meat sticks as well.

The preacher at his pulpit.

Foot Ferry to Lummi Island.

The Birthday Balloon. Yes, my wife and I are completely insane.

Jenny looks absolutely nothing like her father.

Don't trust Juan Corrasco.

Good food, good beer...happy wife.

Don't ask.

My Bodygaurd

The Offering

Wild Sheep in Mukutilo, WA



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  1. super sweet post matt. nice work on the home, it's pretty fantastic.