Saturday, November 13, 2010


The last four month have been pretty dormant here at Front Door Adventures. I assume much to think anyone reads blog enough to notice the absence.

The truth is that Jen and I have been working pretty hard just to get back in the Front Door. The remodel was physically, emotionally and intellectually consuming. We spent our first official night back in the house on Halloween among stacked boxes and hoards of trick or treaters. It felt wonderful for neighbor kids to come by and walk in the Front Door uninvited. It's nice to be home.

Remodling our home was not easy in any sense of the word and created friction in many areas of my life..., I cannot begin to express my gratitude for my family and friends who turned this vision into a reality.

Thank you is not enough.

My brother Jeff owns and operates Fish Creek Custom Woodworking. The best value custom cabinets in the State of Washington. From start to finish, this project never would have happened without the help of my brother.

A small sample of the work. Jeff really helped me wrap my head around the realities of designing a custom chef's kitchen in a 500 square foot home. When we put a tape measure on some of my grand ideas, they simply didn't fit the space.

Jeff talked me out of a galley style table in the corner and replaced it with a pantry and broom closet.

Granite from the boneyard and more custom cabinets by Jeff.

Smart design by Jeff here as well. I envisioned a corner vanity and sink, but I learned how much function is lost in corners due to limited drawer pull and cabinet depth.

Where the magic really happens. Jeff at the Fish Creek Shop.

My Dad Jim told me I was crazy to tile a shower. He then proceeded to plan and execute the tiling of my not-s0-standard shower stall. My dad is a craftsman in every sense of the word, (he builds Flintlock Rifles from scratch for fun) , I am not. Fortunately I paid enough attention to my Dad at work not be a complete hack. Dad came down to help out with the skilled labor at a moments notice.

Amuater hour with the Alford men.

As you may have noticed, I have a soft spot in my heart for cute girls. My niece Sadie came and visited on the night that counter tops were delivered. Buffy was a big help as well.

Although Madaline currently carries a striking resemblance to my brother, I believe that she will grow up to be cute someday as well.

A photographic history of the interior of the house over the last 5 months.....

Without Jenny, I would not have been able to pull the house project off. Nearly every night I was greeted with a smile, a beautiful meal, and more often than not a cold beer (or two). Jenny doesn't know much about swinging a hammer, but she truly held me together through this journey. We build our home together.

I'm quite eagerly anticipating a long overdue Front Door Adventure this weekend.




  1. Amazing transformation Matt.
    I have enjoyed watching it morph from what it was when you bought the house to what it is today.
    You put much thought and craftsmanship into this beautiful small home.