Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mother's Day

On June 1st, 1997 a column titled "Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young", by Mary Schmich appeared in the Chicago Tribune. The essay, wrote as a fictional graduation salutation was later made famous by Australian film director Baz Larhamm, who set it to music and released it as the hit Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen) in 1998.

The song, spoken word lyrics set over a mellow rhythmic beat, is full of useful life edicts such as, Don't be reckless with other people's hearts, don't put up with people who are reckless with yours, and Do NOT read beauty magazines, they only make you feel ugly. One of these verses that resonates most with me is, Get to know you parents, you will never know when they'll be gone for good.

It is not that I'm expecting my exceeding healthy Mother and Father to fall ill and die at any moment, in fact I fully expect to mooch off them for decades to come. It is just that a good friend of mine called the other day and let me know that his 39 year-old bother died unexpectedly in his sleep.

Get to know your brother, you will never know when he'll be gone for good.

You see, the word parents in this song could easily be replaced with brother, wife, niece, friend or student and convey the same message. No matter how you look at, we have a limited amount of time to live and the only meaningful thing that really happens in that time is our relationships with people we love.

I rode to Snohomish on Mother's Day and had a beer and bike ride with my Mom. We spent a couple hours hanging out and I learned a few things that I never knew about her. I gave Mom the gift of time and she said it was the best Mother's Day present that she'd ever been given. Go figure?

Livin' the Dream,


Crytogamic Carpet: Over 100 species of moss thrive here in the Great Pacific Northwest.

The emergence of the Sporophyte, a critical phase in the sex life of moss.

Edmonds-Kingston Ferry. Scuba divers barley visible as two black dots near the beach.

Flat tire.

A Mother's Day celebration started properly with beverages at Fred's Tavern.

This is the best photo I have ever taken of my Mom.

With close proximity to the gem of Snohomish County (AKA the Centennial Trail), the Snohomish Bike Shop is an excellent choice for a bike rental.

Stylish, sleek and athletic. Biking Granny!

Part of an excellent 10 mile country loop.

Friends far, friends near and friends estranged!

Field of love. Something really cool happened here at one time.

The mighty and muddy Pilchuck River, from Chinook Jargon meaning Red Water.

It is really terrible living here in Washington where it rains constantly.

Without my Father, Mother's Day would not have been possible. Mom thanks Dad daily for her Gift of God.

The Interurban Trail, previously the Interurban Trolley Line, is a network of paths, residential streets,arterials and bike lanes that connect King and Snohomish Counties. Three hours between Snohomish and Seattle.

More good news, beer prevents osteoporosis ! Drink up Mom!

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  1. well matt...i read just a bit of this post,only to postpone the rest while i called my brother and mother. i did finish reading, and !salute!, you are awesome.