Sunday, May 15, 2011

Who's the Big Dummy?

My mind wondered....

I wonder if I crashed and the gas exploded if I would get one last big ride in the sky on a jet powered bicycle before an eventual unpleasant landing?...much more likely I would explode into little pieces though.....BUT, rolling with relatively large quantity a compressed gas kind of equals out the car vs. bike equation ...well not really, but at least it makes you a little less attractive target....

The path-side artwork of a mushroom cloud explosion yanked me out of the thought train and called out, Don't crash dumb shit!

The Erbeck Family recently acquired a Surly Big Dummy cargo bike and Aaron was nice enough to let me take it on a "refill the propane canisters" adventure to a conveniently located Lowe's Hardware.
Some might call me a be a big dummy for riding my bike everywhere I am able, but I sure have a lot of fun getting things done on two wheels.

Livin' the Dream,


Aaron , Luca and True taking The Big Dummy with Erbeck's deck-saddle conversion for a test drive. Custom machined handle bars, hand-sewed teak stirrups and 100% fun Dad! You really should enlarge this photo to see the expressions on the boys faces. Priceless!

Two wheels, ten gallons of propane and a small brain.

A feature that I see as a design flaw. The buckle is anchored to the frame with Velcro strap. On my way home the entire buckle separated from the frame while carrying a canister of compressed gas. The other two straps carried the load and I was able to re-secure the tank, but was not put at ease by the experience. While it would come at the price of versatility, I see a sewn buckle as a safer and more secure option. Propane or groceries, one never wishes to lose a load while riding a bike!

Nobody died.


  1. THANK YOU for the picture!!! we love your blog too. grandpa Erbeck

  2. Nice Cargo bike, I think one is in my future.