Thursday, June 28, 2012


For better, for worse and for stubby thumbs.  Congratulation Mr. & Mrs. Nate Krause!

We are all travelers in the wilderness of this word, and the best we can find in our travels in an honest friend.
-Robert Louis Stevenson

When you choose to become married, you really have no idea as to the depth or breadth of the commitment you are making. The best one can do is to choose an honest and loyal mate and have faith that your marriage will will grow strong.

My buddy Nate is the most honest and loyal friend I have, and these virtues will serve him well as he  walks forward a married man.

Congratulations Nate and Kim!

That's how I Roll,


Jenny surprised me with a BOB Yak trailer for my 35th Birthday a couple of weeks back.  For a guy who really is trying to pull it all off with just one bike, the trailer set-up is certainly more versatile than the cargo bike option.  I would however strongly recommend the 28 inch fork which allows just a hair more room for full wrap fenders while pulling it behind a 700cc bike.

The fierce crosswinds of the Snohomish River Valley blew Jen's head a little crooked.   My backwards-photography-while-riding skills are really coming along well. Shoot me a message if you would like to purchase a print.  They are on sale for a limited time! 

Fred's Tavern is conveniently located en route to La Casa de mis Padres en Snohomish.

Jen is anything but a simple woman, but the simple pleasures in life bring joy to my lovely wife.  The Snohomish Baking Company makes a fine cappuccino and a hearty loaf of bread.

Jenny made me go in for a taste and I ended up with a bottle..or two.  What the hell, I didn't spend any money on gas getting there!  Just and FYI for those of you who experienced a little sticker shock when you went to buy a bottle of booze at the your local grocery last week, you save 17% in tax when you buy spirits directly from your local distillery.  Another reason to keep it local. 

The Mayor and me.

Consumed by jealously, the unchecked kissing of my head commenced.

I don't really know what to say but that I love Jill.

I don't know who or what this is, but I know the individual responsible.  A guy should be able to set his camera down at a party for a couple minutes eh?  This act of aggression will not go unchecked!

Old friends and pretty skies.  Darren and Heather Fessenden (The Fessneckers)!

Rain Ride Coffee.  Complimentary at the Fobes Hill B&B.

One of best thing about riding a bike is the cool stuff you find along the way.  I dug this treasure out of the mud from underneath a Honey Bucket.  I have been vaccinated for hepatitis.

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