Sunday, June 24, 2012


What would Superman do?

As I have gotten just a tad bit older, I have come to realize that many of my oldest friends are some of my best friends.  Years and miles tend to separate folks, but common values, experience and history are  that which transcend both time and space; these things are important to me.

My path crossed with Matt's at a formative time of my life nearly fifteen years ago; I feel lucky to have made that encounter.  He was a person I could depend on then, and he is a man I can trust today.  There are few people in my life outside family that I am honestly able to make this affirmation of.

Old school infrastructure, my legs and a stupid plan delivered me on a bike to Matt's doorstep in Cheney for a weekend that I will soon not forget.  I am not a Father, but have a clear understanding that bringing children into this crazy world is the ultimate commitment that any individual can ever make.  I am happy to know that Dr. Silver's genetic package will bless another generation of our planet.

Dr. William Matthew Silvers and I have never, and still don't necessarily see the the world in exactly the same light.  We freely engage in the art of rhetoric on a the Bruyaian level we were indoctrinated in and know that if you wish to prove your point, you had better bring your data.

Despite all, I feel confident that as I walk in this life, those who would call Matt a friend would also be a friend of mine.

That's how I roll,


Bikes check as luggage in the Amtrak Empire Builder which required collapsing the handlebars, removing pedals and boxing up Adventure Bike.

 If a fellow happens to find himself in the town of Edmonds, WA and in need a cold beer, the American Brewing Company is a fine choice.  In addition to masterfully crafted beer, the establishment is located less than a 1/4 mile from the train station.  With the less-than perfect on time rate that the Empire Builder boasts, being able to drink beer while waiting for a ride is a really nice amenity.

 Better late than never.

 I arrived in Spokane, reassembled my bike and considered an open bivy in the Spokane Train Station for about a millisecond.  A quick ride out of town delivered me to the Fish Lake Trail and a cozy, albeit slightly noisy night nestled between two sets of railroad tracks a safe distance from the wildlife of the city.

Her name is Pepper and she is earns the title every minute of her life.

Functional Fitness defined:  Lifting and transporting odd-shaped, imbalanced and infrequently cooperative objects.  Pepper, Kari, and Clark.

 Dr. Silvers and his environmental condition chamber at the Human Performance Lab at Whitworth University.

 There is strength in Solitude and I can't wait for Matt to take her for the first spin.

 Successfully raising a two-year-old girl and twin yearlings requires a certain amount of routine and a little insanity.   As far as I can ascertain it revolves heavily around meals, diaper changes, naps and playing.   

Hobbit Houses. Cheney, WA.

The Cheney Normal School Heritage Center stands on the campus of Eastern Washington University as a tribute to, and record of the long history of the rural American one-room schoolhouse.

What could possibly go wrong with a little compressed gas, a lighter, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers?

Dr. Silvers teaching Clara the basics about playing with fire. 

Good clean living.  Kari and I had a few for brunch on Sunday as well. 

Matt secured an afternoon hall pass and joined me on a pleasant mixed-surface ride from rural Cheney to the City of Spokane.

Although not being on the original itinerary, you really can't pass up a gravel road with a name like this.

Needless to say, I was compelled to take a roll on Greenwood as well.

Jake the Snake (aka Jake the Mistake).  The custom paint job, matching stem caps and self designed graphics on the 2001 Kona speak volumes of the attention to detail that characterizes anything that my friend Matt touches.

The Empire Builder rolls through Spokane at the slightly inconvenient hour of 2 am. Andy's on West 1st Street is open until 2 am and boasts an exceptional menu of NW Microbrews and a bike sculpture out front.  Coincidence?  I think not. 

Smoke break.  Wenatchee, WA.

I hopped off the train in Everett and rode to Mom and Dad's for a little refuel and a nap.  The Big Jim Special is not light in any sense of the word; but it sure hits the spot for a slight hangover and a couple hours of sleep on a train. 

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  1. matt- i love you blog posts. you have a gift!