Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Buffy's Big Adventure

Buffy loading up for the big ride.

First stop is Neptune Coffee in Greenwood for the Quad Americano. Jet Fuel...except the part where I go fast. My favorite coffee shop in Greenwood.
Buffy had a deluxe ride in the Ortlieb Pannier. I mean if they can haul a Buffalo from Seattle to Snohomish, what can't they do?

Where the Hell is Cathcart WA? Buffy outside the now defunct Cathcart Store outside of Snohomish, WA. Cathcart is near where I went to Jr. High School. It turns out the Issac Cathcart was instrumental in the development of the town of Snohomish in the late 1800's. This little piece is from the Snohomish Visitor Information Center Website:
Isaac Cathcart comes to Snohomish
Isaac Cathcart emigrated from Ireland to Michigan when he was quite young. He came to Snohomish in 1869 and worked as a chopper in a logging camp. By 1872 he had earned enough to erect the Snohomish Exchange Hotel, a large, two story building costing $6,300. He made it a first class hotel and ran it for sixteen years.

Buffy at a nice view point on Springhetti Road above the Snohomish Valley.

Coffee stop at Harvey's Airfield in Snohomish, WA.

The Snohomish Visitor Information Center on Historic 1st Street.

Buffy visiting the grave of Great Grandma and Grandapa Ruth & Carl (Great, Great Grandma & Grandpa to Sadie, Madeline, Carter, and Taylor). Ruth Alford (Manary) was born February 23, 1908 in Camas, WA, one of 11 children of Bertha and Robert Manary. Ruth married Carl Alford on June 28th, 1928.
Great Grandma died on March 12, 1994, when I was 16 years old. Buffy was a gift from Great Grandma when I was 4 or 5 years old.

Carter testing out Buffy's new tail at Mom and Dad's house.

Sadie and a very pregnant Kim with Buffy.

Buffy was my childhood buddy and many adventures has Buffy been on. Buffy no doubt has endured his fair share of abuse in the form dirt, slobber, and any other bodily fluid a 4-8 year old me could dish out. Many a 'basement clean-outs' has Buffy survived at Mom and Dad's house over the years, only recently to be discovered by my niece Sadie Rose. I received a very sincere phone call from Sadie asking if she could take Buffy to her house if she promised to take care of him. Uncle Matt gladly obliged. For Sadie's 4th Birthday Aunt Jenny sewed Buffy a new tail (lost somewhere along the way) and I delivered Buffy back on Easter Day. I do believe that this is first recorded bike transport of a Buffalo from Seattle to Snohomish in the history of man.
Buffy gained a little more magic today on an excellent Front Door Adventure!



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