Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Sadie Rose!

Happy 4th Birthday Sadie. You're looking good!

The Trek 520 loaded and ready to roll.

Best Toy Store in Seattle. Top Ten Toys in Greenwood. Great selection and service by folk who know kids and toys!

Spring blossoms. Woodinville.

Maltby Cafe. Home of one of Washington's best cinnamon rolls!

View of Mnt. Pilchuck, Three Fingers, and White Horse from Springhetti Road above the Snohomish Valley.

Fred's Tavern in Snohomish. I have been frequenting this fine establishment for over a decade. Great selection of NW Beers and good eats. Chewy is the new owner and a very friendly guy.

Lunch of Champions. Fueled up for another 25 miles!

Machias Station on the Centennial Trail on the way from Snohomish to Arlington.

17 miles of this. I am not very stressed.

Destination at Jeff's House near Silvana.

Birthday Girl and Uncle Matt!

Carter Skip in the Bouncy House.
Taylor in on the Bouncy House action.
Can we say static electricity?

Sadie Rose was turning four the weather looked awesome. Why wouldn't I want to ride from Seattle to Arlington for a Birthday Party?
The day started with a trip to Top Ten Toys in Greenwood where they had a book on American Native Wildlife waiting at the front counter following a phone call. Sadie has taken a interest in America Buffalo lately and I have an issue buying cheap plastic crap for birthday presents for the kids, so a book it was. The best service I have had anywhere in a long while.
On to Woodinville and down north through Malty and past the Maltby Cafe. I was tempted by one of the best cinnamon roll in Washington, but the lure of a burger and beer kept me rolling.
Down though the Snohomish Valley and past my old stomping grounds found me at Fred's Tavern on First Street for a refuel. I ran into an old friend working the bar that day and felt good that I still had a connection to this place.
Back on the bike and north on the Centennial Trail for almost 20 miles of traffic and stress free spinning. If you get 1 mile away from the parking lots on this trail, and it really clears out.
Out past the Arlington Airport and over I-5 to my brothers house.
An hour in the bouncy house and I was spent.
A great day spent exploring and ended with some great family time. Thank you Sadie and happy birthday. Someday I will drag you along on an adventure of some sort!



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