Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dance Show at the Erickson

Beer Bike. This late 70's Shwinn Continental spent many years under the deck of the Bruya's Derby House in Pullman. Jesse gifted it me and Aaron Erbeck helped me trick it out a bit. I spend a ton of time on the Beer Bike and it is my choice ride for local adventures.

Jen rollin' the University Bridge.

The hood on Capital Hill.

Volunteer Park on Capital Hill.

Dolphin in the park.

My favorite watering hole on Capital Hill, the Hopvine.

Jen, giving her best Donald Hurst nod of approval. Must be a decent beer.

Erickson Theater off Broadway

Jen is not very excited about the ride home in the rain.

Larry Bruya is a a friend of mine. If you know Larry, then you know what I mean. Larry was my major professor at WSU, and outside my parents likely the most influential mentor in my life. Larry and Lorna's daughter lives and works in Seattle and has been very involved in the dance community here for a number of years. Larry and Lorna called and said they were coming to town for a performance that Gabby had choreographed and invited Jen and I to come watch.

Jen and I made an afternoon of it and biked up to Capital Hill. I took pictures of my hot wife doing Yoga at Volunteer Park and then we were off to the Hopvine Pub for a beer or two. Jen and I toodled about Capital Hill for a bit and met the crew at the Erickson Theater off Broadway.

Jen and I were treated to a night of modern dance and the company of the entire Bruya clan. Great Front Door Adventure!



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